Jas Delgado

how did you end up here?

hey, i'm jas and you found my website! i really like dogs, music, robots, and outer space. this website was originally just for messing around with html and css but i guess it's now a collection of things about me. have a great time and seeya later. (also note that i enjoy adding hover-text to images, so if you ever see a link, check that out!) ✌

me @ a dining hall

i am a liker of things.


writing code/programming/whatever is probably one of my favorite hobbies. i also really enjoy learning about it, and am majoring in computer science. nice! anyway i have a page where i talk about stuff i've worked on in the past and upcoming stuff related to code so check that out here!


i have been into drawing since i could hold a pencil and it seems that i haven't been able to stop! i'm not a pro or anything like that at what i do and i'm always looking to improve my skills. you can check out some my art here!

jasdelgado.com is under construction! keep checking back to see how it evolves :-)

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