Girl and Cat

January 2018. Procreate on iPad. Sketch made at a Jam session by my school's art club.


Girl and Cheese Plant|December 2018. Procreate on iPad.
Art Club Drawing 2|April 2018. Procreate on iPad.
Starry|March 2018. Procreate on iPad. Procrastinated on studying for finals with this one!
Girl and Cat|January 2018. Procreate on iPad. Sketch made at a Jam session by my school's art club.


Merry Christmas 2017|December 2017. Procreate on iPad. Recreated an older piece from 2013!
Not a Real Human Being|June 2017. Procreate on iPad. Comfort art.


Lucianne Portrait|December 2016. Clip Studio Paint + Photoshop.
Girl|October 2016. Clip Studio Paint.
Magazine Girl|August 2016. Photoshop. Loosely used a photo reference.
Mia (Fire Emblem)|August 2016. Photoshop. Used as a reference to sell commissions.
Lucianne Portrait #503375|August 2016. Photoshop. Experimented with painting styles.
Cutie Portrait|August 2016. Photoshop. Commission for a deviantart user.
Portrait|May 2016. MyPaint on Linux. Used a photo reference.


Not Again (Self-Portrait)|April 2015. Paint Tool Sai + Photoshop. Pop-art study for my IB Art class in high school.
Cosmic Latte (Self-Portrait)|March 2015. Paint Tool Sai. Background color is <a href=''>cosmic latte</a>.
Secret Santa Gift|January 2015. Photoshop. Made for a Secret Santa art exchange on deviantart.


Alariss Sketch|November 2014. Paint Tool Sai (Switched to a Surface Pro  3 from a Wacom Tablet)
Self-Portait|August 2014. Paint Tool Sai + Picture Reference
Link|June 2014. Paint Tool Sai. Tried to use a limited color palette.
Portrait of Ryuko from Kill La Kill|June 2014. Paint Tool Sai. Tried to go for a more realistic technique (Didn't work lol). I still like how I did the hair!
Spiderhead|May 2014. Paint Tool Sai. Inspired by a Cage the Elephant song by the same name (and was featured on <a href=''>their tumblr</a>).


Christmas Portrait of Ruma, Alariss, and Lucianne|December 2013. Paint Tool Sai
Marina Portrait|February 2013. Paint Tool Sai


Self-portrait|December 2012. Paint Tool Sai. Followed a technique for the gradient + flat coloring technique
Alex Trimble Portrait|October 2012. Paint Tool Sai. Portrait of Two Door Cinema Club's Alex Trimble