I'm l33t.

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believe it or not i actually really love programming and solving problems. i've been programming since 2014 and there's still a lot for me to learn. here's a list of projects i've worked on so far and stuff i want to learn in the future!

i focus on web development and coding education in many of my projects. i hope to either work in the industry doing web development or teach computer science classes to secondary school students in the future. does this page sound like a resume? i hope not. but if you're interested you can click right here.

my skills

💕 favorites
  • c++
  • shell scripting
  • php
  • python
    • django
💕 other interests
  • javascript
  • html 5
  • css 3
  • mysql
💕 planned topics to learn
  • express
  • flask
  • android development
  • ui/wireframe design

FRC scouting

during my time on a FIRST robotics team, i've always dreaded the system of scouting that my team had in place, which involved excel and the constant switching of usb drives. at the same time, i had to write an IB computer science ia in my senior year of high school (2016), where i had to write a program from scratch. creating a new scouting system was the perfect solution to these problems.

scouter homepage scouter info input page

you can visit the scouter here.

amy using the scouter

css and userstyles

I'm really picky when it comes to customization and want everything I use to have a unfied look. Userstyles make it easy to change the appearance of websites and achieve that unified look.

While my styles are not exactly 'unified', they do all use similar color palettes. Most notably the color #88aaaa.

You can see them here.


visit here for more on my ricing.

this barely counts as '''coding''' but i'll put it here anyway!

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