code + jas = ♡

I started editing tumblr themes in HTML and CSS when I began high school and eventually ended up head programmer of my high school robotics team by senior year. Code is one of my passions, both in and outside of school. Here are some of my favorite projects so far.

UCI Prerequisites

Summer/Fall 2018

Web app that helps UCI ICS students find prerequisite requirements for courses + course offerings.

Used BeautifulSoup to scrape UCI's schedule of classes and catalogue to find course information (title, description, prerequisites). Created a user interface using python and javascript where users can select specific classes to see course information.


Fall 2018

Hackathon project to help queue up music for events using YouTube music videos.
djangoajaxyoutube API

Project created while hosting a 12 hour hackathon for a club at school. Created a tool for users to submit and vote on songs to be queued to a YouTube playlist.


Winter/Spring 2018

Web app to help you find meals for your caloric needs.
djangoedamam recipe api

Web application that displays suggested meals and recipes based on inputted user info. The application was created in a group for the HackUCI 2018 hackathon. Built using Python and the Django web framework.

Created with William Castelli.

BMI/TDEE Calculator

Spring 2018

Simple BMI (Body Mass Index) and TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) calculator.
bootstraplocalstorage api

A simple calculator that takes in a user's body information to show their BMI and optionally their TDEE. Uses the Local Storage API to store the user's information locally for quicker lookup of information.