You're integral to my heart.

math is a thing of beauty and i was a math major at school for a year. i'm not particulary good at it, but i think that's what's part of why i love it--there's always something i can explore and improve on.

volunteer work

elementary school fieldwork: fall 2016

for about 6 weeks (4 hours a week) i observed and helped out a 2nd grade class in math. this culminated in me teaching my own math lesson on a 2nd grade math topic following california common core standards--i taught about adding two and three digit numbers using place values. this was part of an intro to teaching class i took at uci. i took the class originally intending to continue the series and eventually teach math when finished, however taking the class made me realize that i'm actually not that good at teaching and don't have the patience/time to do it :(

mind math fair: november 5, 2016

i volunteered mind's math fair in fall of 2016 at the south of the sahara exhibit, where i taught the game of fanorona to kids and their families. i can't exactly prove that i was there because no pictures of me were taken at the event but i do have a t-shirt and name badge, which is okay i guess.

things i like

things i want to learn about

  • number theory
  • discrete math
  • linear algebra, particularly stuff to do with image processing

i need hobbies

while most people in the ib program dread writing ias and the ee, i think writing those papers were some of the hardest fun i've ever had. my hl math ia was on the gaussian blur and my ee was on trigonometric function approximations. i also participated in the 2016 Moody's Mega Math Challenge with some fellow ib students.

before and after picture of a puppy being blurred
above: a picture from my math ia where i wrote C++ stuff to create a gaussian blur
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